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"Need a unique Mother's Day gift that shows you understand that being a new mom is full of surprises!"

Sure. Being a new mom is wonderful a lot of the time and those times are easy to talk about. But there are those other times that aren’t so wonderful.  There is no more precious gift for a new mom than for someone to tell her they understand and they love her.

Show her that you recognize that she is exhausted or emotional or impatient or anxious or confused or all of these at once.  Tell her that you understand that she's in those states and may not know how to communicate her issues to others.

That’s what I needed when I was a new mom. And that’s what many other new moms I’ve talked to needed as well.

There were times I felt incredibly lonely. Other times I was befuddled. Sometimes I cried alone.

Because of mommy brain, I didn’t know how to tell my husband what was wrong. I was too tired. I had no vocabulary for the conversation. I loved being a new mom but the change was so huge and so comprehensive that it was overwhelming.

I needed a special companion that would help me understand what I was going through. I needed to be able to articulate the issues and cope with my transformation into being a mom.

That is why I wrote Transformational Mothering: A Prayerful Companion for New Mothers.

This is the book I wish I had during the first couple of mommy years. It is a companion for new moms. It will bring them comfort as well as inspiration.

And its for all new moms. No matter whether they are single or married or adopting or working or staying at home, they will find communion with other mothers and they will find nourishment for their inner most soul. 

In this book, new moms will find

  • Warm words of companionship
  • Funny mommy stories
  • Soothing coping techniques
  • Community with other moms
  • Soft prayers of thanks and understanding

This book is support for their spirit. 

Independent reviewer Kirkus Discoveries calls it “Spiritual help for frazzled moms.” 

This book will also help partners, spouses and friends understand both sides of being a new mom so that they can lend support.

Review by The Carpool Reader 

”The book is full of wonderful stories, affirmations, and simple prayers to help mothers through different parenting situations, including becoming a family, body image, self worth, and even breastfeeding. Her words are simple, powerful, and the message can easily be applied to other aspects of life.  I wish I would have had this book back when my babies were very small.” 

This is a book that new moms will turn to again and again. It is a book they will want to share. It is a wonderful gift. 

Transformational Mothering is available from Amazon so your transaction is secure and you are covered by Amazon’s A to Z guarantee. 

And there is no better way to say that you understand and support a new mom than to send her a copy of this precious book. 

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Thank you for supporting new moms, 

Amy Robbins-Wilson


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Transformational Mothering: A Prayerful Companion for New Mothers

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