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Welcome.  Landing in the NICU is whirlwind.  You're already tired and are probably in shock.  None of us expects to find ourselves as the parents of a preemie; surrounded by medical teams and high technology.  On top of the shock, there's the anxiety of going through various medical tests, trying to understand the briefings and then communicating with all the friends and family that want the latest news.

The good news is that the medical teams are linked around the world.  The result is that your baby is receiving state of the art care based on the latest information no matter where you are.

The other good news is that there are emerging resources on the internet.  Here are some favorites.

Basic Information about the NICU

Intermediate Information on the NICU and Preemie Parenting

Parenting in the NICU

NICU Parent Support BLOG

Transformational Mothering Video for NICU Moms because it helps to hear from another NICU mom.

We are forever grateful to the medical team that saved our son and the Children's Miracle Network and the March of Dimes for funding equipment and research.

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